About Calla

About The Calla ® Store & Calla ® Staff

Tigerlily Koi - Owner
Tigerlily has been gaming for several years. Her first online game was The Sims Online. She then played Star Wars Galaxies for almost two years. During that time, she dabbled in games like There, Everquest II, Seed, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Dark and Light, Guild Wars, but none held anything she found worth sticking around for until Second Life®. Within a month of trying Second Life, she canceled her SWG accounts, and only briefly glanced back. With Second Life, she'd found something no other game offered; open and endless possibilities for creation.

Tigerlily is an artistic person by nature, and has done a considerable amount of product creation and marketing as well as teaching both adults and children in her first life. She also has a medical background and enjoys helping people. She lives in rural South-Eastern USA with her husband, children, horse and various critters.

In her Second Life, she can often be found coloring or creating hair, hanging out with close friends, answering customer's IM's and notes, or blankly staring off into space. She loves meeting new people and tries to spend several hours daily in the shop helping and chatting with customers.

Katoria Stevenson - Manager
Prior to taking the position of manager, Katoria had been a loyal customer and supporter of Calla™ since 2006. She has always admired the creativity of Tigerlily and the vision she has for Calla.

In the real world, Kat is from the UK and has five crazy dogs. She is a self-confessed "chic-geek" who enjoys fashion and beauty as much as she does all things technological. Kat has a varied IT background, and has had much experience with Internet based communications in the past, including co-adminstrating an IRC network in the '90s. She has dabbled with several programming and scripting languages, and also enjoys web design.

After spending some time in The Sims Online, Kat discovered Second Life in August 2006. She has since been involved in many endeavours in-world, from being a residential Estate Manager to co-founding Dream Inc, a model management and photography business. She also operates her own business: Intuition Scripting Solutions.

Towards the end of 2007, Katoria approached Tigerlily with a proposal to create a custom store card system for Calla. As a long-time customer, Kat was tired of the lengthy process of filling out notecard requests for gift certificate redemptions and realised Tigerlily was probably spending way too much time processing them! The idea evolved, and a whole new scripted vendor system was put into place. Kat now assists with the day-to-day running of the store, as well as lending her scripting skills wherever needed. She enjoys meeting customers old and new, and can often be found hanging out in the store.

Customer Service Staff

Calla is very fortunate to have five fabulous customer service representatives. Each of them is friendly, approachable and always willing to go the extra mile to help customers.

Always LovelessAlyssa Gould Elspeth Jewell
Laurelrose AnthonySinnamon Carter
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