Calla Custom Styles

Calla ® Custom Hair Requests

Tigerlily is the Custom Hair maker. Any questions should be directed to her via note card.


1. This is the most important step -


Double check your avatar's name, be sure you have spelled it correctly. If I can't find you, I cannot help you! Rename the note card:

Custom Hair Request - YOUR AVATAR'S NAME

2. Include a very detailed description of the hair you are asking me to make. The more detail you provide the easier this will be for me to get an idea of what it is you are looking for. Please be as specific as possible!

3. I do not make custom hair colors, so you must choose one of our existing colors for me to create it in. All hair will be copy/mod so you may change it to a color/texture of your choice after I've finished it for you.

4. Include a picture attached to your note card of the style you are looking for; a back and front view if at all possible. An online URL address will also work - I just need something to look at.

5. If you are on a time frame, please tell me that. I may not be able to do it, but I will let you know so that you don't expect something I cannot deliver. If, for example, you know you're getting married and want a custom style, please contact me a few weeks prior to the date. I will never try to get a custom style finished and fitted to you with less than a weeks notice. It is not realistic to try and do it any quicker than that.

6. Drag and drop your NAMED note card onto the mailbox located outside the front entrance of Calla.

INFORMATION: I will not sell you a less than well-made product, and that requires time. Do not, under any circumstances, ask me to create a custom style with less than a weeks notice. I will not even attempt it.

I will chose which styles I make at my discretion and based on my realistic ability to duplicate the style as closely as possible. Some things just cannot be duplicated in prims. If this is the case, I will tell you that I am unable to do it.

I will do my best to contact you within 24 hours of receiving your request. If you have not heard from me, please send your notecard again. Sometimes SL does unexpected things. Sometimes my RL does unexpected things and I get distracted.

If I agree to fill your Request, I require a L$ 5000 non-refundable deposit up front. I hate to do this, but I've made several custom styles without taking money up front, spent days perfecting them, to have the requester never return. I take time away from making styles for the shop or doing other things I need to get done when I work on custom orders. The remaining L$ 5000 should be paid to me at the time I deliver your completed style.

I reserve the right to alter your custom style and sell a similar style. (i.e. change the bangs, the length, the accessories, etc.)

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