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Calla ® Frequently Asked Questions

Please read this page, in its entirety BEFORE messaging me or sending a notecard!

Last updated: 1-21-12

Hopefully these answers and guidelines will make all issues much smoother for everyone, and give me more time to do the things I love - creating new things and chatting with customers!

Tigerlily is typically online from 5am SLT (or thereabouts) until 2pm SLT with a few breaks in between for things like eating, feeding her kids, calling her mom, talking to her husband, feeding one of the many critters, etc. She also enjoys the occasional bathroom break and has been known to go outside for a horsey nuzzle just because she can.

Just because I am online does not mean that I am available to answer you immediately!

Sometimes, I have to go answer the phone, the door, let the dogs out, pet the kitties, yell at a kid, go pee, stop the cat from tearing up the piece of paper he managed to steal out of the printer, go check the mail, kiss boo-boo's, get something to eat, etc. Sometimes I'm working and don't notice IM's blinking. Sometimes I'm ignoring them on purpose because I need a break for a few minutes. Sometimes I see your notecard and am in the middle of juggling five other things. Sometimes I read it right then and decide to handle it as soon as I go get a drink, or move a load of laundry.

I WILL ANSWER YOU! I do NOT work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I live in the United States Eastern Time Zone, I try to be as accessible as I can possibly be. It is not going to always be at the exact moment you message me, but I will get back to you.

PLEASE be patient.

I have designated days off. If you contact me on a day that I am off, then I will get back to you the following day. Please be respectful of my off-time. You get time off from your job, I need some too! My days off are Tuesday and Saturday. If that changes, I will update here. I may not log in at all on those days, do not be shocked!

Noteworthy points:

Random friend requests will be declined.

I only speak English. Okay, and typonese.

I don't want to date you. Seriously.

I don't accept bribes, with the exception of coffee and the occasional bag of Doritos.

I am a very quick-witted, amusing, sarcastic, opinionated woman, please don't take offense.

When sending a notecard, be sure to put your avatar's first and last name in the title of the notecard. Double check the spelling! I can't tell you how many times I have not been able to get back to someone because they spelled their own name wrong. If I can't find you, I cannot help you!

Notecards named "New Note" are going to get lost in my inventory, guaranteed. (I have over 60,000 items in there, please help me by naming your card!) Rename your card "YOUR NAME - YOUR PROBLEM/REQUEST" so I can easily see that it's a customer service issue. If you don't hear back from me within 48.89403 hours, please resend your note, it's possible it got lost in the black hole that is my inventory. Not to mention, we all know how the Lab likes to eat things.

And on to the FAQ!

Q: Where is my hair?

A: First, make sure you have not muted me! This happens occasionally and if you have me muted, you will not receive anything from me, even if you purchased it.

If you muted an object that I own, it will also mute me. I know that you would never mute me on purpose, but sometimes it happens. So, please, just humor me and double check. It can save us both a huge amount of time.

Go to View > Mute List. If my name is there, select it and hit unmute.

After you do that or if I was not muted, check your Inventory "All Items" tab. In the white box at the top of your inventory, type in Calla. It should find everything you've ever bought from Calla. Sometimes folders don't show up in the "Recent Items" tab and you have to go looking through your inventory for them.

If it still doesn't show, try clearing your cache and relogging. Or just try relogging and searching again. If that doesn't help, please go here: Failed Delivery

Q: I want a refund!

A: All no transfer items are not eligible for a refund. Items that are transfer (jewelry for example) may be returned for a refund. Please speak to me prior to dropping it in my inventory so I know that you have sent it to me and are requesting a refund.

Q: I paid 5 times for hair but I never got it!

A: If you pay once, for heaven's sake please do not pay again. If the L$ is removed from your account and you have not received your hair, there is a problem somewhere. Don't throw good money around!

If you purchase hair and do not receive it, please go here: Failed Delivery to have your purchase redelivered.

Q: I bought ____ for my boy/girl friend, but it's no transfer. Can you give it to them or refund my money? There's no way I'm ever going to wear this hair.

A: Sorry, but no. Calla hair is no transfer so you cannot return it for an exchange. There is a store card system in place which will enable you to give a gift that way.

Q: I have a Calla store what?

1) Find your Calla Store Card in your inventory, right click it and select Wear. The card will attach to your avatar's right hand. A pop-up will show your card's current balance.

2) Choose an item in the Calla store which you would like to buy with your Calla Store Card.

3) Left click, and on the pie menu, select the "Card" option.

4) If the item costs less than or the same as the balance on the card, your purchase will be delivered in a folder which you will need to accept. Sometimes it can take up to a minute before you get your item. Please be patient!

5) The balance on your Calla Store Card will be updated, and a pop-up will let you know how much you have left to spend.

Q: How do I put more money on my Calla store card?

1) Find your Calla Store Card in your inventory, right click it and select Wear. The card will attach to your avatar's right hand.

2) Find the Calla Store Card Top-Up ATM at the front of the store. Touch to activate it. Instructions are shown on screen.

3) You will receive a pop-up asking how much you'd like to top up your Calla Store Card with. Simply choose an amount from this menu, and then right click the ATM and select Pay.

4) Once you have paid the ATM, you will receive a pop-up showing your updated balance.

If you have any questions or problems with your Calla Store Card, or the Calla Store Card Top-up ATM, please send a notecard to Tigerlily Koi.

Q: Can I exchange this hair I bought for another color/style?

A: No. Calla hair is no transfer so you cannot return it for an exchange. If you want something else you'll just need to purchase it. There are absolutely NO exceptions here.

Items that are transfer (jewelry for example) may be exchanged within 3 days of purchase. Please speak to me prior to dropping it in my inventory so I know that you've sent it to me and are requesting an exchange.

Q: I meant to buy the ______ Pack, but I bought ______ by mistake. Can you help me? 

A: Unless the item is transferrable, if you want something else you'll just need to purchase it. There are absolutely NO exceptions on non-transferable items.

Q: I've been wearing Brunette for the last 6 weeks/month/year and I'm bored of it now. I want to spice things up. Can you give me a Reds pack in the same style?

A: No. My prices are extremely reasonable (even cheap) and I try to make it affordable for you to have many different color packs so you can change your mind on a whim. There is also an I Want Them All pack with all of the colors for a discounted price.

Q: Can you make...?

A: I occasionally do custom hair, however I am not always able to have it completed by a specific time. Please fill out the "Calla Custom Hair Request Form" notecard, following the instructions carefully and drop it in the mailbox located outside the front of the store.

The terms of my custom hair request are also included in this form: Calla Custom Hair Request

Q: What color is ...?

A: All hair demos will say what color they are. The name of the demo will be something like: "Calla HairstyleName DEMO HAIR Colorpack (colorname)." If by chance you get a demo that doesn't specifiy which color it is, try looking at the free color demos. You should be able to match it by shade and figure out which one it is.

If you're trying to determine which color is used in an ad, please use the same process. If you really can't figure it out, you may send me a message, but I really don't remember what colors I use on the ads, there's no system to it.

Q: I'm trying to fit your hair to my head but for some reason I just can't get it right. Can you help me?

A: Please make sure you read the note card that came with your hair, as there are valuable tips in it to help you fit it to your shape. Please also see the incredible prim hair editing guide that Salome Strangelove has put together. If you are still completely at wits end, see if your shape is transferable. If it is, contact me and I will arrange a time to help you. There is a fee for this, please see your note card.

Q: I want to model for you!

A: I don't hire models because I do my own modeling, simply because it's quicker and easier for me. Hair doesn't have to be edited to fit which saves a considerable amount of time, and my overflowing inventory appreciates it when I take out an outfit I've never worn to use in an ad.



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